Nuts & Volts

by Le Principe d'Inconstance

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This new album is kind of an evolution from the previous releases: Shorter tracks, more variations within a track and a much broader range of frequencies.

Attention has been put on using mixing and mastering as a creative tool to have an impact on the listener perception.The idea is to get the experience of listening to this album closer to what it’s like to experience a live gig.

What remains the same is that it’s still 100% improvised, recorded in one take with only a guitar, voice, effect pedals and of course a laptop used as a live sampler. No samples, synths or other instruments were used.

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released February 25, 2011

koyl: guitar, voice, effects, live sampling & live loops manipulation.




Le Principe d'Inconstance Lille, France

By using the techniques of sampling and live sound manipulation, Le Principe d’Inconstance (The Inconstancy Principle) creates, with only an electric guitar, a few effect pedals and a computer, entirely improvised sonic landscapes.

After 3 years, I decided to stop this project and start a new one the add electronics to that same kind of approach of the guitar, CHECK IT OUT HERE:
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