The End of the Beginning

by Le Principe d'Inconstance

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This album regroups live improvised tracks recorded between the second half of 2008 and the first half of 2009 by Le Principe d'Inconstance.
Everything was recorded and mixed live (nothing added or changed afterward) but the master track has been edited to make it shorter and more suitable to listenings in a "personnal" environment.


Le Principe d'Inconstance ("The Inconstancy Principle") is a solo project meant to explore instant composition through a no boundaries approach of the guitar.

All tracks are 100% improvised and played live.
The guitar + FX pedals are the only sound sources (apart from some voice samples) and the computer is used as a live looping device exclusively.
No contraints of length, mood or style are set prior to playing. The purpose is to forget about the unconsciously self-imposed limits to start creating from the blankest page possible, making room for something new to happen.

The outcome is tracks that are cinematic and have an hypnotic quality to them. The same track can range from etheral to opressive and be made of very melodic lines or very rythmic based parts that turn into a free form soundscape or and industrial-like wall of noise.

Beyond the music, this project turned out to be kind of a meditation and became a way of being, a spiritual journey: It's the butterfly effect applied to music, it's about unlearning without forgetting, seeing what's behind the appearances, experiencing the impermanent nature of things, finding freedom through limits and feeling connected to .....

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released July 14, 2009

koyl: guitar + effects & live loops manipulations




Le Principe d'Inconstance Lille, France

By using the techniques of sampling and live sound manipulation, Le Principe d’Inconstance (The Inconstancy Principle) creates, with only an electric guitar, a few effect pedals and a computer, entirely improvised sonic landscapes.

After 3 years, I decided to stop this project and start a new one the add electronics to that same kind of approach of the guitar, CHECK IT OUT HERE:
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